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One toddler excitedly repeated, "time to play now!" as he ran up the corridor to the playroom.

The La Leche League of Ireland Breastfeeding Conference took place at the Clayton Hotel in Sligo on March 1st-3rd. It was a nurturing and supportive event which was designed to be family friendly. We were privileged to be asked to run the junior playroom for the weekend.

Our playroom catered to babies and children up to seven years old. We curated a diverse range of open-ended play experiences suitable for various ages and developmental stages. We regularly refreshed the selection of resources and toys throughout the weekend to maintain the children's engagement and stimulation.


The children's imagination and creativity were evident in each session. The mixed-age play and inclusivity were heartwarming to observe and be a part of.


While many mum’s attended the conference talks, dads, grannies, aunts, and other caregivers stayed in the playroom with the younger children. They seemed to enjoy the play as much as the children, constructing ball runs, rockets, beds, baking imaginary cakes, reading stories, and having fun. While children played independently or with our staff, the adults could chat and connect.


Seeing the children's delight as they returned to play after breaks and lunchtimes was truly magical. One toddler excitedly repeated, "time to play now!" as he ran up the corridor to the playroom. The older children were eager to see the new resources and changes we had made. Knowing their children were happy in our care and engaged in play allowed parents and caregivers to relax and enjoy the conference talks.

Play experiences included:

  • Baby play area

  • Sensory rice

  • Magnetic tiles

  • Train set

  • Play-dough

  • Arts and crafts

  • Teepee tent and reading books

  • Parachute play

  • Bubbles

  • Fort building


We would like to extend a huge thank you to the children and families who joined us in the playroom. It was a weekend filled with fun, play, and laughter. We hope you and your children will remember it for weeks to come!

This weekend's team was Shannan, Leah, Angie and two secondary school students who all contributed significantly to the smooth running of the event.

For more information about our bespoke events packages,

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