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Classes and Workshops For Children

Child-led play experiences to support children's holistic development

Maia classes and workshops offer a range of sensory  and messy play experiences that are stimulating and engaging. Through these experiences, children can enhance their cognitive, motor, and sensory development while having fun and exploring new interests. Our classes and workshops are child-led, meaning children choose their play path and can move freely between the play areas and resources. This empowering approach not only fosters independence but also allows children to unearth their passions, cultivate curiosity, and create their own meaningful play experiences.


Carefully chosen open-ended resources promote creativity, imagination and problem-solving. Children all engage with them differently based on their interests, abilities and ideas. Most importantly, there is no “wrong” way to play, leaving children feeling capable and confident.


We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children to foster a sense of belonging, boost self-confidence, and promote emotional resilience. This in turn, supports children's emotional well-being.


Purposeful Play Classes 

During each 60-minute session, parents/caregivers and children are invited to embark on this play journey together. Our classes are uniquely designed to be a shared experience, offering you the chance to bond and have a fun alongside your little ones or have a chat with other adults while you observe your child’s play.


As you enter the class, you can relax and follow your child’s lead. This allows children to develop their own interests and curiosities. Don’t worry about the mess, there will be spills and that is all part of the experience. It is our job to clean it up so you can wave goodbye to the mess when the class is over!


Join us for our regular classes in Ballisodare Community Centre, Sligo. This beautiful room is filled with light and offers children and adults lots of space to move around freely. The building and toilets are wheelchair/buggy accessible and there is onsite parking directly outside for ease of access. A modern heating/cooling system makes it an ideal location all year round for your little ones.


Additionally, keep an eye out for our pop-up sessions in Clare, Donegal and across the North-West. We are striving to make our classes accessible to even more families.


Join one of our upcoming classes or book a fixed term of classes for a discounted price!

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Children's Workshops

  • We can travel anywhere in Ireland to provide a creative, fun-filled session for children.

  • The workshops are tailored to meet the age ranges, interests and abilities of the children attending. 

  • From set-up to clean-up, we take care of it all, leaving nothing for you or your staff to do on the day except enjoy the fun.

  • For educational services, lesson plans are provided to reflect the set-up on the day. The plan outlines learning outcomes related to The Primary School Curriculum Links and/or Aistear, the Early Years Curriculum Framework.

  • Our workshops are an ideal opportunity for educators to carry out observations. The information gathered from the observations can be used to further support an emerging curriculum based on the children's interests.

  • We are flexible and can offer once-off events, weekly or monthly workshops at a time that suits you.


Workshops have been facilitated for:

  • Early Years and Afterschool Services

  • Mainstream and Autism Classes in Primary Schools

  • Family Fun Days and Events

  • Family Resource Centers and Parent and Toddler Groups

  • An Many More! 

For more information and to book a children's workshop email to or click on the button below. 

 Workshops & Events

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