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A Lovely Review

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to a generous professional and parent who took the time to send us the following review. Receiving feedback on our classes, workshops, and training sessions is invaluable to us. It not only helps us improve our services but also reassures us that we are on the right track.

Not many get the opportunity to avail of all the services that we currently offer but this lady has. Read her review below:


"I first discovered Maia through my work, I manage a preschool in Sligo for children

with additional needs in Sligo and arranged for Shannan to come in and host a

Maia play workshop for the children. The staff did not know what to expect from

this or how our children would enjoy it.

Shannan came in and set up different sensory stations for the children and we

split our children into little groups. There was something for every child, and we

got to see some interests, strengths and abilities that we had not before.

This experience surpassed all of our expectations and for a change, we got to step

back and observe the children become immersed in the sensory play and

opportunities that had been set up for them.

It has inspired us to offer more opportunities like this to our children so we

arranged for staff to attend a training workshop with Shannan on the benefits of

this play and also lessons on how to make different things for the trays using

simple and safe ingredients that most people have in their kitchen.

I am also a mother and immediately I knew I wanted to get my own child involved

in Maia sessions locally. I work Mon-Fri and found it hard to find something for us

to do together at weekends, I now attend most Sundays with my child and it is

such a unique opportunity for us to bond and connect, I have watched her

confidence and curiosity grow. Each week there is something different for the

children, it doesn’t get boring! She gets to use her hands, problem-solving skills,

gets messy and explore new things .

The classes are never over filled and this is important for little ones, they get a

chance to be independent and socialise safely. The children all have space to

enjoy each station!"

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