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Workshops for Educators 

Inspiring educators to create simple, open-ended and purposeful play opportunities

Through our interactive and engaging sessions, participants will actively partake in hands-on activities, immersing themselves in play and embracing the joy of simple sensory experiences. The content is research-based and delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand way. The aim is to inspire educators to create simple, open-ended and purposeful play opportunities which meet the children’s interests and supports their development.

Aistear and Siolta are rooted in the foundations of our workshops and referred to throughout. Educators will leave feeling inspired and empowered, equipped with practical strategies to create engaging and enriching sensory experiences that promote children’s holistic learning and development.


While we provide different types of workshop packages, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to customize the content to precisely suit the preferences and needs of those attending.


Educator and Child Workshop

Join us for a 60-90 minute session where educators and children will embark on a journey of open-ended, purposeful play. As the children immerse themselves in the various play setups, educators will get an insightful overview of the sensory play setups and how they are carefully designed to nurture different aspects of children's development. From cognitive and language skills to motor development and social-emotional growth, each setup is a treasure trove of educational possibilities for educators and children.


Educator Training 

This dynamic and interactive workshop (90 – 120 minutes) is designed exclusively for educators and is aimed at enhancing their understanding and practical implementation of sensory play in their early years setting. This bespoke workshop recognises the crucial role sensory experiences play in a child's development and the potential it holds to stimulate learning across different subject areas. During this workshop, educators will be engaged in a series of hands-on activities and discussions just like we encourage them to do with the children in their care.

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